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Olivia Holland-Rose hails from London and Los Angeles, and it was on one of her trips back to the Golden State that she first came upon the idea of starting her own scented candle business. 

She realised that there was a gap in the market for luxury, eco-friendly scented candles, made from 100% natural wax, that retail at a more accessible price-point than other high-end brands.

Having previously trained and worked as a professional actress in the U.K., when the first wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic hit in March 2020, the enforced break from performing gave Olivia the time and space she needed to fully realise her new business venutre, and so the Little Light Company was born.

Naturally creative, Olivia loves the process of devising new fragrances, and can reliably be found in her kitchen alongside her two cats Archer and Bandit, blending gallons of wax and perfume on a daily basis.

As the Little Light Company is in its infancy, Olivia is the head candle-maker, publicity manager, market-stall trader and designer. You can rest assured that every candle purchased from us has been lovingly poured, boxed, ribboned and checked by her personally before it finds a new home.

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