The Marquess

The Marquess

Nearly 2kg of the finest natural soy wax is expertly crafted into this stunning 5 wick centre-piece. Made bespoke to order, the Marquess can be blended with any of our pre-existing scents, or created un-scented according to your preference. This incredible candle is guaranteed to turn heads, and is suitable for lighting outside as well as inside.


Dimensions: 20cm in diameter.


Perfect for: a celebratory/festive centre-piece, or focal point for your living room or entrance hall.


*Please note that due to high demand there is currently a 2 week lead-time for this product. 

  • Care Instructions

    Keep the wick trimmed to 3mm in length to prevent the flame from smoking. 


    As our wax is 100% natural and plant-based, some crystallisation might occur. 


    Please never leave an open flame unattended.