Headley Seconds

Exactly the same as our full-price Headley candle, but with a few visible imperfections in the wax or finish of the candle.


Our Headley candle is an earthy crush of wild blackberry, herbaceous bay-leaf, bergamot and rich wood-moss notes, perfectly blended to evoke the the waning heat of an Indian Summer as these berries come into season and cover the Surrey Hills. 


Perfect For: All day, scenting your entrace hall, living room or bedroom space.

  • Care Instructions

    To ensure an even melt, and to elongate the life of your candle, make sure to burn for at least an hour when you first light it. 


    Keep the wick trimmed to 3mm in length to prevent the flame from smoking. 


    As our wax is 100% nautural and plant-based, some cyrstallisation might occur. 


    Please never leave an open flame unattended. 

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